April/May 2006 Report : SPRING RENEWAL UPDATE!

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Backyard birds, shore birds, and other early migratory birds are nesting. Songbirds -- warblers and orioles, indigo buntings and hummers are coming! Bobolinks are migrating from Argentina, Cuckoos return! (So do chiggers.) Birdsong in the  Midwest at daybreak should peak towards Memorial Day. Tend your gardens and property!


Left: Kingfisher arrival. Center: Four Red-Winged Blackbird Eggs in Nest. Right: Robin Eggs in Nest. Photos courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation, 2006.

Left: Barn Owl defending nest. Center: Male Cardinal with babies. Right: Female Mourning Dove with young. Far Right: Green Heron fledgling. Photos courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation, 2006.
Left: Bluebird nestlings. Center: Least Bittern babies. Right: Eastern Phoebe nest with hatchlings. Photos courtesy of Missouri Department of Conservation, 2006. Bottom: Hummingbird photo provided by Jim Rathert, MDC.


HELP! For birds in trouble/

Broad variety of trees and plants for humans and birds. Excellent year-round. Located in Afton, VA.

Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards- Stark Trees Bear Fruit. Since 1816. Located in Louisiana, MO.

Oikos Tree Crops - Kalamazoo, MI. Three generations of tree growing in every tree sold. Container and field grown.

Pine Ridge Gardens - Nursery in the Osark Mountains. Plants all grown from seed, divisions or cuttings. Since 1992. London, Arkansas.

Non-profit, ecology action. Organically and naturally grown seeds. Unique heirloom and heirloom grain seeds. Plus How-to publications. Willits, California.

Gardens Alive - Environmentally responsible products that work. Lawrenceburg, Indiana.



Coming Soon To a Nest Near You: Eggs of American Birds

Transgulf Radar Images




Hummers Are Back! Get your feeders and flowers out!

E S P A L I E R spells flowering fruit trees in a cramped space.

Over 250 different species of Spring and Summer birds need insects, fruit, and berries to live, as well as seeds. You can grow for yourself and share a little, even in small yards. (Old timers set a portion aside and protected the rest - from the children€.)

Here's how to grow fruit trees, with real fruit, in a limited area, as told by the internationally renowned Missouri Botanical Garden ( Bulletin, May/June, 2000, pages 8-9 ),St. Louis, Missouri:

EVEN IF YOUR GARDEN IS SMALL, you don't have to give up the joys of growing flowering fruit trees and the delights of freshly picked apples and pears. Ever since the ancient Romans began training trees to grow along a flat surface, gardeners have been developing espalier into an art form.


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Map image provided by http://www.hummingbirds.net. Please contact this site to report any Hummingbird sightings in your area.

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