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Blue Eggs The answer is no, not without
harming ourselves.

What do wild birds do for human beings?

They are living, breathing symbols of liberty and beauty, grace, precision, excellence -- frequently so exquisite as to be dumbfounding;  frequently and, reassuringly, very plain. Historically symbols of sky and freedom for earthbound animals, who must still envy and study their easy, aerial acrobatics.

Origins of song, poetry and myth. Descendants of the dinosaurs. Most efficient insectivores in the world yet harmless to us and the earth. Major pollinators, essential predators and scavengers. "Our" wild birds are a major link in the food chain that sustains us all as fellow creatures. Symbiotic protectors of trees. A living early warning system to humans of the health of our environment; additions to property values as well as family values. A multi-billion dollar industry, worldwide, for tourists, gardeners, and nurseries.


Our fellow creatures known as "wild birds" are a gift of God and Nature; crucial to the web of life that supports our own. They are happy harbingers of Spring and the seasons; an endless pleasure to the observing eye, ear and intellect. Unexpectedly -- to some -- they are proving to be intelligent and sentient beings, worthy of respect and protection as valuable members of our extended family. Will human population expansion, unguarded markets and technology, be allowed to destroy them in the coming years?

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