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Bird Observatories in Alberta

Beaverhill Bird Observatory

Box 1418, Edmonton, Alberta T5J2N5
Jason Dixbury, Chair;
Lisa Takats, Vice Chair;
(780)433-5790; (780)422-9536

E-MAIL/WEB SITE: jduxbury@ualberta;;
~ Beaverhill Lake was designed as an IBA of Global Significance due to the large numbers of shorebirds and waterfowl using the area as a migration stop-over.
~ Each year, between 2500 and 4500 birds or more than 70 species are banded by staff, students and volunteers.
~ Primarily monitors songbird populations and new projects include: 1) RANA-Researching Amphibian Numbers in alberta, 2) Alberta Raptor Monitoring Program, 3) Standardized Nocturnal Owl Surveys, 4) Dragonfly and butterfly Surveys.

Lesser Slave Bird Observatory

P.O. Box 1076, Slave Lake,
Alberta T0G 2A0, Canada
Trank Fraser or Bob Deacon
(780) 849-7117

~ Canada, 5 northernmost monitoring station, LSLBO specializes in breeding grounds of neotropical migrants, collecting spring and fall migration and breeding data.
~ So far they've recorded 226 Species flying through and banded 16,600 since 1993.
~ According to recent data, this is the only station in the prairies which monitors American Pipit, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Western Tanager, because they catch enough for trend analysis.

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