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Bird Observatories in Ontario

Brier Island Bird Migration Research Station

RR #1, Glen Robertson, ON KOB JHO
Lance Lavioette
(613) 874 2449 or (514) 340 8310

~ More than 20 years of migration monitoring has demonstrated an excellent fail songbird and raptor migration. The island is only accessed via hourly ierry service.

Haldimand Bird Observatory

PO Box 449, Nanticoke, Ontario, NOA JJO
John Miles, (519)587-5223

~ Objective of HBO is to increase knowledge of the passerine that occur in Haldimand by banding, standardizing daily censuses, observations and recording daily estimated totals.
~ In 1999, nearly 8500 birds ofover 100 species were banded. Since 1989 such Ontario rarities as Fork-tailed Flycatcher, least Tern and Tufted Duck have been found in the area.

Innis Point Bird Observatory

P.O. Box 72137; Kanata North BPO,
Kanata, 0N K2P 2P4 Canada
William Petrie, (613) 820-8434

~ JPBO is located on Department of Defense lands adjacent to Ottowa River and Shirley's Bay, near Kanata.
~ Standardized projects include Spring Migration Monitoring (mid-April to early June), Monitoring Avian Productivity Survivorship (MAPS), Breeding Bird Census, and nest boxes for Tree Swallow, Eastern Bluebird and Purple Martin.
~ On average, 3- to 5,000 birds of 100 Species are banded an-nually, with some coverage every month of the year. Member, Canadian Migration Monitoring Network.

Long Point Bird Observatory

PO Box 160, Port Rowan, ON N0E IMO
Jul Wojnowski, (519) 586-3531

~ LPBO is the oldest bird observatory in North America.
~ The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve is an internationally acclaimed migration corridor and vagrant trap.
~ On average, about 20,000 birds ofover 140 species are banded each year.
~ Since 1960, over 550,000 birds have been banded by the observatory.
~ Special projects include owl banding, breeding bird census plots, breeding studies of Tree Swallows and Hooded Warblers, butterfly counts, and turtle marking!

Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory

PO Box 2, Delhi, ON N4B 2W8, Canada
Eric Machell, (519) 582-4738

~ PEPtBO is a National Wildlife Area managed by the Canadian Wildlife Service, and has been designated as an Important Bird Area.
~ The observatory has operated during five Spring migrations (1995-99) and during that time has banded 13,334 birds of 115 species, including 3,799 warblers of 31 species.
~ PEPtBO is a full member of the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network, a program of Bird Studies Canada.

Thunder Cape Bird Observatory

133 South Hill Street, Thunder Bay, ONP7B3T9, Canada
Dr. Nick Escots, (807)345-7122

~ Special projects include raptor counts, owl banding and breeding bird studies. Thunder Cape is an excellent spot for songbirds, waterbirds and raptors alike.
~ Most commonly banded Species include Black-capped Chickadee, Dark-eyed Junco, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Swainson's Thrush and Palm Warbler.

Toronto Bird Observatory

#307-70 Heath St. W Toronto, ON M4V IT4, Canada
Lori Nichols, (416) 604-8843

~ North America's first city-based observatory, TBO has been in operation since 1978. TBO bands mostly passerines, but some projects include seabirds and raptors.
~ TBO is entirely run by volunteers.

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