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An Easy Solution to Cats Stalking Feeders


Cat chasers that work and don't harm cats, or dogs or other small intruders are available. Here is a working, home-tested way to keep cats safely away from backyard birds at feeders or birdbaths. Small motion detectors set off a squeal inaudible to human ears; harmless to birds, but awful to cats and dogs. (Don't tie or chain an animal within its range where the animal cannot get away. Similarly, don't leave a baby in its path. Use common sense and read directions.)

These motion detectors have different ranges, and use batteries that have to be replaced with frequency, or have a work-free outdoor adapter plug and cord. The motion detectors are featured in numerous catalogues. Not inexpensive, they are cheap if you want to stop worrying about birds at your feeder or birdbath and don't wish to harm animals.

A personal favorite is the "Catwatch" which protects an area 40 feet away in a 100 degree spread. A "sound barrier" between cats and birds that works!

Yard and Garden Protector

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