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Wild Birds' Eggs of North America (Beauty, and An Entertainment Center for Kids)

Humans have collected wild birds' eggs for food since man began. Later, humans collected them for their prized beauty, decoration, and even magic. In "civilized" times they were gathered as privileged collections, and later as common hobbies - until like feathers for hats, they endangered the birds themselves. Egg collecting in the U.S. is now illegal, but here you may feast your eye.

A suggestion for parents of bored children:

Children can use these pictures of eggs to practice matching numbers; to try to read the birds' names; to match the bird's name with the right egg. If your school or library has a bird book, try to match the eggs and bird names with the pictures of the parent birds that laid the eggs. This is an egg hunt that's great on a rainy day.

See Pictures of Eggs of American Birds