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A Thrill That Lasts a Lifetime -- for young and old

Normally, it would take you several weeks, and an hour or more each day, to get back yard birds to trust you. With this new product -- "Bill Bird In Hand" life-sized mannequin -- "Bill" the Mannequin does all the waiting and training for you. Put an old hat and shirt on "Bill" and place him outside, moving a little closer to your feeder each day.

When the birds are comfortable eating from his "hand", you slip on his shirt and hat, then stand in his place. You should have birds eating from your hand in about 20 minutes, and a thrill for everyone.

With winter quickly approaching, now is the best time to give Bill a try. The odds of successfully handfeeding a bird increase when it's cold because songbirds flock to backyard feeders more than ever.

"Bill" the Mannequin measures 5' 8" high, and is U.S.-made of durable, weather-resistant material. It includes a pipe support for the standing position and can be easily adapted to the optional sitting position. Detailed instructions for easy assembly and use are included. Available by phone (1-800-558-1013) or online ( Not inexpensive at $58.99, plus $8.95 for shipping and guaranteed delivery, but an investment in real fun.

A Reminder: Wild Birds for the 21st Century has no financial interest in featured items.

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