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Protection From Mosquitoes, and For Our Birds.

Most of our Spring and Summer birds who are in decline from loss of habitat due to unbridled human encroachment are major insectivores - insect eaters (as well as fruit and berries). See Why Birds? Can't We Keep Them In a Cage or Zoo??. Many are mosquito eaters, who, together with bats and fish are among the cheapest, most beneficial, harmless to humans, insectivores we can cultivate. Common Nighthawks, Swifts, and Swallows like the Purple Martin respond to human help such as boxes, nests and gourds where appropriately placed. Contact your local garden or bird society for next season.

Other Mosquito Beaters:
Drippers in birdbaths, or running water.
Ponds with fish, and/or moving water.
Change bath water as you would a dog's dish.
Eliminate stagnant water that stands for more than a few days.
Be brave and supplement - give a bat house a welcome mat.

September, 2002

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