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Bird Observatories in California

Big Sur Ornithology Lab

Coast Route, HC 67 Box 99, Montercy CA 93940
Craig Hohenberger or Jim Booker
(831) 624-1202 or (831) 659-7249

~ Andrew Molera State Park is an important resting place and breeding ground for a variety of migratory birds; 379 species have been identilied.
~ BSOL started full-time migratory bird banding in 1993, and has banded more than 45,000 birds of 152 species.
~ BSOL conducts 15 education classes per week for school-age groups and other interested parties to learn of the ongoing research and to educate people as to environmental needs and values, as well as offering specialized workshops and public talks. Annually, BSOL educates more than 2,500 students.

Golden Gate Raptor Observatory

Building 201, Fort Mason,
San Frnncisco, CA 94123
Allen Fish, Director, (415) 331-0730

~ 270 volunteers and 3 staff dedicated to monitoring the autumn movements of 19 speciesof diurnal raptors at the Golden Gate near San Francisco, using Hawkwatching, Banding and Telemetry
~ The Hawkwatch program tallies tens of thousands of raptor sightings each fall, averaging 41 raptors per hour over the decade 1989 to 1998.1999 was a strong season: after two years of solid local breeding success, producing 36,000 raptor-sightings and an average of 70 raptors per hour.
~The banding program has trapped and banded more than 14,000 raptors of 15 different species since 1983.
~ Since 1993, GGRO has experimented with mechanical lures as a tool for trapping raptors. Through the T 999 season, they trapped more than 600 raptors of 8 species using this method.
~ The Telemetry program has tracked more than 30 hawks since 1990, including Cooper's

The Institute for Bird Populations

P0. Box 1346 Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
David F DeSante, (415) 663-2052

~ IBP created and coordinates the MAPS program, the world's largest landbird demographic monitoring effort (500 stations).
~ Other major research programs are located in the Sierra Nevada, in the Neotropics, and with Burrowing Owls in California.
~ IBP led the creation of the North American Banding Council and offers training courses in bird-banding continent-wide.

Point Reyes Bird Observatory

4990 Shoreline Highway, Stin-son Beach, CA 94970
Ellie M Cohen, (415) 868-1221

~ Founded in 1965, PRBO is a research and conservation or-ganization dedicated to conserving birds and the environment.
~ PRBO maintains 36 permanent scientists and over 35 seasonal biologists who work throughout the Pacific West.
~ Research includes monitoring common and endangered birds and marine mammals, studying related habitats, and making conservation recommendations to government agencies, nonprofits and landholders.

San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory / Coyote Creek Riparian Station

1290 Hope Street, PO Box 247
Alviso, CA 95002-0247
Ms Janet Hanson, Executive Director; Doug Bell, PAD., (408)946-6548

~ SFBBO is dedicated to the conservation of the birds of the San Francisco Bay Area and their habitats through research, monitoring and education. Located between Silicon Valley and the Baylands, our staff and members are active in local habitat restoration and preservation.
~ SFBBO's Birds of the Baylands program researches the needs of shorebirds, terns, gulls, herons and egrets. The Coyote Creek Field Station is the locale of SFBBO's Landbird Pro-gram, which over the past 15 years has accumulated a data-base of over 180,000 banding records.
~ The San Francisco Bay is recognized as a shorebird stopover point of global significance. SFBBO offers a variety of field trips and classes, including bird walks, a kayak tour, and Pelagic trips. There are also opportunities for volunteers to participate in disease monitoring programs, boat surveys, band reading projects, and others.

Gail Hall
Biologist - Educator for Bird Programs
Audubon California
Starr Ranch Sanctuary
100 Bell Canyon Rd
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
Phone (949) 858-3537
Fax (949) 858-1013

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