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A Little Known Fact

Over 225 of our most familiar North American Birds -- our Spring and Summer Migratory birds -- cannot subsist on birdseed.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Our Spring and Summer birds, particularly our song birds, live on insects, fruit, berries, and nectar -- "green" food that they return for year after year in ever declining numbers.

Ovenbird - courtesy Missouri Department of Conservation
They are being literally starved out as ignorant "development" and farming practices destroy their food sources and homes. Bird feeders cannot help them.

For your children's children, and their children, please remember these hungry ones when you cultivate your garden, or plan your subdivision, or cut down just those few trees, let alone the bleeding woods that have made it into the 21st Century.

Include green food in your property. Trees, shrubs, flowers and vines for insects, fruit, berries, and nectar, and life.

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