April-May 2005 Report:

(Photograph courtesy Missouri Dept. of Conservation) Baby Bald eaglets demand their food. They won't get their distinctive white head and tail feathers until they are between four and six years old. Fully mature, a Bald Eagle will have a six-foot wingspan and a nest that can weigh up to a ton.

Spring has Sprung.
Babies are Coming.
Migration is in Full-Tilt Boogie --

Time to put hummingbird feeders out and a bat box for mosquitoes. Keep your cats indoors.

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Where are they coming from?

Radar coverage of flights

Eden lost for now. Flight for life across the Gulf to Gulf Shores Alabama before Hurricane Ivan.



Successful transplants: Sandhill Crane babies born to parents coaxed by subterfuge to Weeki Wachee, Florida last winter. See October 2003 Report . Photo Courtesy B. Gavin, Glenn Lakes, Florida.

Gulf Shores, Alabama, Spring, 2003. Hummer/Bird Study Group. Just landed: male and female Orchard Orioles.

Nesting Screech Owls, St. Louis, MO. Photo Courtesy Michael Cochran.



Gardening For Birds

Plant for your future and theirs.

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Click here for conservation fruit trees (check with your local nursery, farm extention, conservation dept., or garden club for your area).

Click here for Acorns to Oaks: How to Grow Your Own Oak Trees (information produced by Johnson County Songbird Project, Iowa City, IA, 52240.

Found a Bird in Trouble?

Try this: http://www.placeforwildbirds.org/


The Best of love to All,
--Wild Birds For the 21st Century

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