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Where are our honey __ __bees?? ___________ Have you seen your __ __spring/summer birds? _ (Are Pale Male and _ _ Lola back? Seen any - - Cerulean Warblers??) How is your garden _ _growing? _________ Water supplies good? __ Green space and trees _ disappearing?? ______ Where has it gone? __ We are reminded of the famous quote:

___ "What happened to _____the rest of me?" _______ Ronald Reagan, _______ -actor

Group of Eight (G-8) Summit Meeting of World Economic Leaders meets in June to attempt to drastically cut Global 1990-level CO2 emisssions in time to halt Global Warming.
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 The Christian Science Monitor

A timely Fable, for the Mightiest,
and the Wannabes


Midas was a legendary King of old who had hospitably entertained the tutor of Dionysus, the Greek god, when he had lost his way. As recompense, Midas was permitted by Dionysus to name his reward. King Midas asked “only” that whatever he touched might turn to gold! His fervent prayer was granted!! But when he found that the very water he tried to drink, and the meat he tried to eat, had turned to gold in his mouth, he pleaded with Dionysus to free him from his “gift.”  He was than allowed to wash himself in the river Pactōlus.

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May Report Update

Click here for pics of some of the over 300 species of migratory birds of North America. who normally return to us to breed in spring and summer from Latin America. The vast majority, east of the Mississippi must cross the Gulf of Mexico to our shores for the abundance of food, insects, fruit, berries, nectar, and small mammals found here in their natural habitats.

The New Machine!
"Indians On Horseback",
O.E. Berninghaus, circa 1921


"Earth nears tipping point on climate change"