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July 2007


(Originaly shown July 2003)
Larry Chambers still gives Hummingbirds banding demonstrations at Onondaga Cave State Park, off I-44 near leasburg Missouri.

Mr, Chamber will band from 11:00am until 3:00pm at the Visitor Center. Free. No Reservation necessary. Dates: August 4 and September 1 of 2007.

At Montauk State Park, near Licking, MO., Lanny Chambers will band from noon until 4 p.m. at the Park Naturalist's office. Free, no reservations necessary.

See His beautiful website for Maps & Directons, and almost everything you might ever want to know about these tiny birds! www.hummingbirds.net.

Happy Hummingbirds Toes. And the Best of Love to All !,


How Do You Band a Hummingbird?

(Visit a Master Bander, Onondaga Cave State Park, Leasburg, MO, JULY, AUGUST 2007

Visitor's Center, Corner banding site Lanny Chambers, Master Bird Bander, one of three banders in Missouri licensed to band Hummingbirds. There are 100 nationwide.

Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird

The last week in June, most of the hummers seen at this site were females (with white throats) still feeding their first brood that fledge in mid-July to start foraging for themselves.

In the South, busy as she is with her first two, she will feed them and build a second nest; mate again; lay and incubate another two eggs while feeding the first brood. Nesting females will consume huge numbers of insects as well as nectar -- a diet necessary for her to form eggs and to grow newly hatched young. Male Rubies, with the distinctive ruby-red throat, mate and defend their own territory. They will be the first to start migrating in July.
(See Robert Sargent, Wild Bird Guides: Ruby-throated Hummingbird, (Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1999), page 61.)

Nectar feeders are heavily occupied by mother hummers and juveniles of the same coloring (young males may display little dots of color on their throats, like chest hair).
Tools of the Trade - (counterclockwise) Surgical tweezers, magnifying glasses, modified surgical hemostat, bar of Hummingbird bands (handmade to eliminate rough edges), magnifying glass, measurer, digital scale, pre-weighed toe of knee-high stocking.
How to trap a hummingbird:

A Hummingbird trap made of soft mesh for safety, with sides drawn open. Birds free to feed.

. Trapped! Sides dropped by hidden cord.

Cradled in knee-high stocking and about to be weighed.
Weighted on a digital scale, 3.2 grams.

Her new bracelet. A very delicate procedure.

Some measurements, and released
Next, an emergency.
Hummingbird toes, and the white stuff is not feathers.
Lanny frequently rescues hummers from ticks and entanglements.
"The white stuff" was a hunk of cobweb snarled around her feet. Female hummingbirds gather yards of spiderweb strands to build their nests. It is not uncommon for the tiny bird to get caught in spiderwebs and frequently killed.
At last, a male ruby-throat. Light can change the iridescent color from orange to ruby to black.
A 91-year-old birder gets to release a ruby.

Heading home

Northeast Missouri, hilly and winding; no good for factory or corporate farms. Made for humans and wild birds.














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