Bird Observatories in the U.S. and Canada - Where to find one nearest you.

Transgulf Radar Images - Fall migration for food and shelter is underway with birds flying mostly by night from North America to Latin America and the Caribbean. Clemson University Bird Radar (http://virtual.clemson.edu/groups/birdrad/comment.htm) is tracking their flight.

Where Do North American Migrating Land Birds Go In The Winter?

Heading Out: Hummers Head South

Fall Migrating Birds, Alabama Gulf Coast 2002, Up Close Before Flight to Latin America for Winter

Once Our Birds Are in the Tropics For the Winter, What Happens To Them?

The Latin Connection - Who to contact if you want to help

Coming Home! Map of Spring Migration

Spring Migration Return Across the Gulf to North America, Alabama Gulf Coast 2003, Fresh Plumage For Spring Mating

May Addendum

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