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West Nile Protection - some very good tips from Progressive Farmer magazine

"Bug Zappers and citronella are pretty much ineffective on mosquitoes.

"Avon Skin-So-Soft does work as a repellent, but only for about 40 minutes. A product that contains DEET, such as OFF!, works 10 times longer.

"Treat standing water with larvacide. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, also known as 'Bti' or 'mosquito dunk,' can be purchased in briquets. Bti is harmless to pets and humans.

"Specialized mosquito-trapping devices are expensive, but they work. Using a cloud of carbon dioxide, the machines attract mosquitoes into a vacuum trap. They can protect a large area such as a backyard or a corral, but the best ones require propane tank."

*Keller, Des and Cole, Jamie, "Over the fence," Progessive Farmer, April 2003, page 12.

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