Pelicans in Missouri?? Surprise. Large numbers, too - like thousands - of the American White Pelican migrate through Missouri in March, April, May, and even June, for our rivers, lakes and ponds.

They have been coming in significant numbers from the Gulf of Mexico since 1994. The endangered Brown Pelican, which is much smaller, sticks to coastal areas. The Big Whites summer in such areas as Minnesota and North and South Dakota. They forage in our waters while in passage, moving in synchronized teams to herd fish to shallow water for supper. Flocks may number in the hundreds. Keep our waterways clean!*

*See "Pelican Passage," by Charlotte Overby, Missouri Conservationist, January 2002, Volume 63, Issue 1, 4-7. / Circulation, P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180. Phone: 573/751-4115, ext. 3856 or 3249.

Photograph: Jim Rathert, Missouri Dept. of Conservation.

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