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Housekeeping Your Bird Feeders Made Easy - A "Janitor" or Bird-Bib for Your Feeder

The "BIRD BIB", pictured here*, keeps your garden, yard or deck clean under bird feeders, with little attention from you. This seed collector helps catch the mess of hulls, seeds and sprouts.. It will definitely help you stop attracting mice, rodents and pigeons to spilled seed. The Bib has the added benefit of helping to prevent Salmonellosis and other avian diseases that thrive in wet, mouldy waste under your feeder, particularly in winter. (A wide mesh netting in the Bib prevents birds from feeding on contaminated seed as well.) Easily emptied; easily cleaned. Attractive. Works beautifully for second- story feeders. $19.95 from Deep in the Woods, P.O.Box 177, Elmira, Oregon 97437 (Tel: 541-935-3408), Michael Allender.

No financial connection to Wild Birds for the 21st Century. Just good.

*This visitor is a Black-Headed Grosbeak (Pheucticus melanocephalus) common in the West. They enjoy oak woodlands, pinyon-juniper woodland, cottonwood and willow groves, parks and the suburbs of most of the Western half of the United States (excepting eastern Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas). The Black-Headed Grosbeak is a large finch, with a very large triangular bill. It has a long melodious song. It forages for food in the foliage of shrubs and trees for insects, seeds, and berries, but can be enticed, as you can see, to bird feeders with sunflower seeds.

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