Birds do it.  Bees do it.



Chickens do it and according to a recent news article, there are now more chickens in the world, than human beings.  Class discuss --

In Evolutionary terms, does this mean that chickens are more successful than people?
Clearly, if "survival of the fittest" is God's, and/or, Nature's Goal, chickens beat all.  But how does this square with what we now "know" as the controlling "selfish" gene? What kind of difficult, "selfish" survival strategy is this??  Are Chickens, the surviving descendents of the dinosaurs, showing us The Way to Global Survival as a species?  Is unrestrained, massive human-being reproduction "The Answer"?? That is what poultry would say.(1)

Now, recently, a published columnist sugested that if we really wanted to stop Global Warming, and the mass extinction of the non-human species around the world and the ecosystems upon which they depend, and WE depend -- in other words, our own concurrent potential extinction -- the quickest way to stop runaway production of carbon dioxide (CO2) would be for all humans to hold their breath! 


It may come to that.  We, as a species, produce more carbon dioxide (CO2) by existing and exhaling than any other single source on the planet Earth, including automobiles and factories.  (And we produce more methane than all the much maligned cows or cattle.)    Do we truly need more human beings on this planet Earth? Or is it time, in a world of limited resources and growing need, to begin speaking openly of the Engine Fueling the World's Crisis -- Human Population Growth -- and what can be rationally done about it? The August 23, 2004 issue of The Christian Science Monitor newspaper ("NEWSInBrief") summed it up:    
                                             PREDICTING WORLD'S FUTURE;
                                             PEOPLE, PEOPLE EVERYWHERE
                                             World population is expected to rise
                                             almost 50 percent by midcentury....

For up-to-the-minute world population statistics, clink on this link:  from Spirit of Now, by Peter Russell

Throughout human history, the "fittest" of the species to have survived, in the most brutish interpretation of the word, have notably been such creatures as the rat, the cockroach, the oppossum and such. (2)  It has even been suggested that Man occupies the top of the food chain because he is --- let's not be shy --- the meanest of all creatures on this Earth, and Women are the second meanest. Is this what being a "Survivor" will mean  as a human-being at some point within this century?  And will we be eating maggots by the Salt Sea?

Or will we -- or Someone Important -- dare to broach the "politically incorrect" and dare to speak publicly of voluntarily restraining our human numbers through means other than war, famine, disease or pestilence -- Nature's predictable restraints? -- or merely continue cruel and crude deprivations "for others"? 

Perhaps we should stop breathing -- that would be Nature's true final solution to mankind's luckiest and blindest generation in History.  

1. Source:  Dr. DoLittle, Washington, D.C., 24/7.
2. Author's Note:  Some would insert "lawyers" here, but that would be unfair.  It depends upon what the definition of "such" is. 



  PostScript:  Besides being an understandable insurance policy for old age in poor countries or just no-way-to-stop-it  ignorance, producing a family with many children -- i.e., increasing one's own numbers and hungry mouths, has also been used, even in recent history, as a revered official stratagem, a means of spreading one's  particular Culture, Religion, Ideology Over Thy Neighbors and more particularly, Over Thy Neighbors More Desirable Land and Resources through sheer numbers. Sometimes this -- -- just happens.  Here, however, we find the still very lively and human "lower" and ancient reptilian mind bubbling territorial imperatives to our higher  symbolic faculties where it morphs into urban sprawl and McMansions and the neighborhood Reds vs the Blues, or the seizure of forested land for "development" and tax monies through Emminent Domain, et al..   All good animals fight for territory that will provide food, water, shelter, and a place to safely raise their young. Look out the window and watch the birds do it. But. that is the final line.  Despite our space travel, jets, Ipods, computers, Blackberries, atomic weapons, and clever technology, we are all still animals --THE animals -- riding on the backs of all other living things.

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