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  Bullfrogs like this, sometimes aim for more than waterbugs or dragonflies.  Although witnessed by human eyes, this picture – like the real world – is hard to clarify.  The bullfrog caught and tried to eat a passing bird, bigger than a hummingbird (the black parts).
So much for summer….
  Useful Information:
On March 20, there were exactly 12 hours of day and 12 of night.  June 21, or summer solstice, was the longest day of the year.  On  Sept. 22, the autumn equinox, day and night again will be equal.


Fall Migration Has Started.  Watch Your Backyard for Travelers:

Make sure your hummingbird feeders are up! 
 East of the Mississipi, Ruby-throats are headed  South. (Link:"Heading Out")   Warblers, orioles, purple martins and  swallows are flying. The peak of fall shorebird migrations  continues from  the Midwest through mid-month.  Monarch butterflies are traveling.  So are terns and teal and white pelicans, egrets and ospreys and hawks, and more.  

They fly in the safety of night.  Listen for them
 during evening hours or watch their silhouettes
 across a moonlit sky, or radar. (Link: NEXRAD, Clemson University)

Broad-Winged Hawk Pauses in Urban Garage. (Photo courtesy Jim Bruckland; D. Flowers, Chesterfield, MO.)

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