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Number One Birder in the World - Chasing the World's Record at Age 80+!

PETE WINTER, World War II Bomber Pilot in the Pacific, Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Successful Business Man, has seen all of the "families" of birds in the world (195) but hopes to be one of only two people who have ever seen over 8000 species in the world. (The other is Phoebe Snetsinger, also of St. Louis, who was killed in a tragic accident in November in Madagascar.) Pete has seen 7522 out of 9700 bird species in 176 countries, islands, and territories, and 29 oceans and seas since the '60s.  He has 7 species to go in the United States and its territories: 2 Alcids (Murs and Puffins on the West coast of CA and a Dovekie (an Auk) on the East Coast; 2 Owls (Saw-whet in Missouri, and Boreal in Alaska, Michigan, Colorado and Montana); Xantus's and Craven's Murrelet off the coast of Southern CA.  His favorite? The bluebird.

"Oh world, I cannot hold thee close enough!"
-- Edna St. Vincent Millay

- Spring, 2000