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Fine Feathered Trivia

by Luella M. Sandro, Dell Rapids Garden Club, Dell Rapids, SD, for the National Gardener, magazine of National Council of State Garden Clubs

- What is our national bird? (Eagle)
- What bird did Ben Franklin want as the national symbol? (Wild turkey)
- A female turkey is called a hen; the male, a tom. What is a baby turkey called? (Poult)
- What bird has three or four broods a year? (Northern cardinal)
- What bird brings a tax exemption? (Stork)
- Is the bald eagle bald? (No) What bird is? (Vulture)
- What is the favorite food of eagles? (Fish)
- What is the number of feet in an eagle's wing span? (8)
- The Ameican goldfinch is also called ____? (Wild canary)
- A bird named for the surroundings in which it lives? (Meadow lark)
- What islands are off the northwest coast of Africa? (Canary Islands)
- What bird flies straight up? (Hummingbird)
- What two birds are mentioned in the "Twelve Days of Christmas?" (Dove and Partridge)
- Name a nursery rhyme that mentions a bird. ("Sing a Song of Sixpence")
- What is the biggest bird but it can't fly? (Ostrich)
- Name a bird of the prairie. (Prairie chicken)
- Name another Christmas bird. (Cardinal)
- Two birds do not mate following the death of their mates. What are they? (Geese and Doves)
- A soap named after a bird? (Dove)
- Ounce for ounce, this bird sings louder than any other'? (Wren)
- The male and female look alike? (Geese)
- Which birds use their teeth to chew? (None)
- How many toes do birds have? (Four)
- What bird is the state bird for six states? (Cardinal)
- Who went to sea with the pussycat in a pea-green boat'? (Owl)
- Name a ring-necked bird. (Pheasant)
- What bird plays a part in the "Wizard of Oz" (Crow)
- The ugly duckling became a ____ ? (Swan)
- An airplane was named for what bird'? (Condor)
- The bird of the sea is the ____ ? (Sea gull)
- Edgar Allen Poe wrote, "Quoth the Nevermore." (Raven)
- What bird comes back to Ohio each year? (Buzzard)
- A boy or a girl may be named for this bird? (Robin)
- What bird can fly backwards? (Hummingbird)
- What bird has feathers on its legs? (Eagle)
- What part of the bird's anatomy weights the most? (Plumage)
- What is the approximate number of feathers on a bird? (20,000-30,000)
- What bird can dive at 200 mph? (Peregrine Falcon)
- These birds mate for life? (Eagle)
- What bird nest weighs the most? (Eagle)
- This bird makes its nest from sticks? (Eagle)
- This bird lays the smallest eggs in the smallest nest? (Hummingbird)
- What bird depends on the meat that the wolves leave behind? (Raven)
- Which birds have "wayward" husbands? (Wrens - no bird support)


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