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Some Neighbors Share Gardens

When two plots are too small, wasted, neglected or too shady or sunny, neighbors joining forces may be the answer.

Charlie Thigpen in the April 2002 issue of Southern Living,* described how friendly neighbors put together a shared garden balancing their respective strengths and weaknesses. The two families teamed up on weekends and afternoons, built raised beds and gravel pathways, stone walls, even fencing and an arbor, and new soil before planting.

A privacy fence had divided the two backyards, so a hole was cut for an iron gate hung on posts for easy access and beauty.

To be practical, after planting, a waterproof chalkboard was hung in the garden so the families could write when the plants needed water and who watered last.

Of course there were bird houses for visiting birds, as well as bountiful vegetables, berries and flowers.

Love Thy Neighbor. Maybe even work together!!

*"Common Ground -- Neighbors team up to create a shared garden," page 61-62. See: or 1-800-272-4101.

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