A Wish for 2001 & Beyond -- Now, Well Into the Beyond --
December, 2007 - January, 2008


Non Nobis Solum

Several years ago in the Spring of May, 2002, my late brother, J.R., wrote me of the gentle wildlife outside his home in North Carolina:

"Left a bowl of pecan nuts out for the squirrels, who carry them off and bury them. A raccoon got at the bowl overnight and put most of the shells in the adjoining empty bowl. Bluejays and woodpeckers fly down and carry nuts away, jays in their beak and woodpeckers in their claws. If we grew tomatoes or zucchini, we could observe our neighbors.

The trees at the Little House on the other side of town put out an unusually large crop last fall. How would you like a bucket or two next season? Don't be too quick to reply -- think of your squirrels. And you just might attract a fastidious raccoon."

Will we -- or our grandchidren -- continue to see Springs like this into the future? It is now said that the animals and the climate won't, or can't, wait for us anymore. It's also been said (Spark's Law of Problem Solution) that "The chances of solving a problem decline the closer one comes to finding out who was the cause of the problem."

Il n'ya que le premier pas qui coute.

It has been estimated that a McDonald's ketchup pak equals the weight of about three Hummingbirds. These beautiful "little atoms of bird life" 1 are tigers that directly face hurricanes, forest fires, drought, predation, despoilation of the environment and whatever comes, as it comes -- without benefit of Red Cross, National Guard, FEMA or Homeland Security.

Let's take a lesson from this "Can Do" little creature. Let's rejoice at the spirit of "the least of these"; try to be as big; and walk a little more modestly with Nature.

Happy 2008

Wild Birds for the 21st Century

-- J.E. Sutter, Director
St. Louis, Missouri

1. T. Gilbert Pearson, editor-in-chief, Birds of America, Garden City, New York: Garden City Publishing Company, Inc. 1917; 1936), page183.

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